Accessible Service

M7’s accessible service is servicing customers who use wheelchairs and scooters for mobility in 34 towns and cities in the Greater New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford areas, 24/7, 365. Our wheelchair-accessible taxis run 24/7 on compressed natural gas (CNG).

“It’s about inclusion and new freedom for persons with disabilities You can’t be included unless you’re present and you can’t be present unless you’re able to get there. Inclusion happens when you start breaking down barriers.”©

The M7 accessible service cab is the state's first ADA-compliant taxicab, our drivers have additional training, and earn the company's requisite customer service ethics qualifications.

M7’s accessible service means new freedom for people with mobility disabilities. These taxis comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act and include tie-downs to secure the passenger and his/her wheelchair or scooter offering plenty of headroom easily and comfortably. We offer lowered-floor, rear entry minivans or the new side entry MV-1, a purpose built taxicab made specifically to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs.

The New Freedom Fund Taxi Voucher Program

We’re Helping To Expand the Possibilities For Those Who Use Wheelchairs & Scooters For Mobility

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The Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities promotes the coordination of resources for persons with disabilities, responds to the needs of persons with disabilities and monitors and takes appropriate actions to ensure compliance with relevant federal, state and local regulations.

For ADA complaints, please call (203) 934-2096 x1123 or email us at